Why Trinity?

This four year course is designed for school leavers and provides an insight to the scope of careers offered in the arts as a performer or in the technical and production departments. Students will be entered into exams for a Performance Diploma with Trinity College of London examiners. This certificate is internationally recognized. Associate Performance Diplomas are a one-unit qualification assessed by performance only. Students can select either the teachers or performers diploma for the 3rd and 4th year.


Candidates for the course must have a Senior Certificate for entry level.  .

Some interesting information … Why choose Trinity?

  • Trinity Guildhall’s suite of qualifications covers a WIDER RANGE OF SUBJECTS THAN ANY OTHER BOARD. Performance qualifications are available in acting and speaking subjects, musical theatre, performance arts and communication skills.
  • CHOICE OF PERFORMANCE REPERTOIRE IS ENTIRELY THE CANDIDATE’S OWN. This encourages creativity; students can explore the work of writers and practitioners from their own cultures.
  • The qualifications provide a STRUCTURED FRAMEWORK for candidates at every stage of development – from Young Performer Certificates (for children of 4 upwards) through Graded exams to FTCL (Level 7 qualifications comparable to MA). Candidates can enter at any level – there’s no requirement to start at Grade 1 and work your way doggedly through them all. Study pathways are illustrated in diagrams at the front of each syllabus.
  • Examinations can be taken by INDIVIDUALS, PAIRS and GROUPS. This reflects the range of methods used to study/perform drama. At first sight the syllabus may look a bit daunting – too many choices, where do I start? But the reason for this is that somewhere there is going to be a format that is ideal for you. This is great for teachers because it means NO CHANGES TO EXISTING TEACHING METHODS are required to enter.
  • Trinity Guildhall is the only board that offers a SHAKESPEARE syllabus.
  • Each examination gives students opportunities to display their PERFORMANCE SKILLS (through prepared pieces), their RELATED SKILLS (such as improvisation, impromptu response, sight reading, story-telling) and their UNDERSTANDING of their work (through discussion with the examiner). Trinity feels this encourages a holistic approach to performance which engages the student in all aspects of their chosen discipline. In Grade exams there is NO WRITTEN COMPONENT, though there is in some diplomas.
  • Trinity Guildhall examiners are all WORKING PROFESSIONALS in the world of drama and education.
  • WHOLE PRODUCTIONS of plays, musicals and other performance pieces can be offered for assessment under the “in production” options. No other boards offers anything similar.
  • Trinity Guildhall have a particularly strong range of DIPLOMA LEVEL qualifications in performing, teaching, public speaking and directing. All diplomas are accredited in the UK National Qualifications framework. In particular teaching qualifications are PORTABLE and OFFER WORKING OPPORTUNITIES OVERSEAS.
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