Janine Holthuysen

evitaNine’ Academy of Film, Theatre and Dance offers its students over 30 years of experience in stage and film.

Janine Holthuysen principal of Nine’ Academy understands the nature and requirements to become successful and sustain a career in Stage and Film. Having worked as a performer in the world of arts she has gained these insights first hand and understands the needs of young artists starting out.

Janine has gained in-depth experience in Stage, film and commercials having been contracted to theatre companies and working in professional shows as a dancer, actress and singer. This included roles in “Evita”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Hair”, “Cabaret”, “Gershwin”, “Queen at the Opera”, “Poison” and “Annie” to name a few

district-sixJanine further performed in international and national film, television and commercials such as “Cape of Good Hope,” “A Woman called desire”, “The morning star”, “Trouble in Constantia”, “Sorry Samantha”, “Against the wind” and “Charlie”.

International and national Casting Director

Later Janine gained valuable experience as a Casting Director working on numerous international movies and commercials. This enabled her to work closely with directors and producers gaining insight into performance for camera and what is required of an artist anfaith_like_potatoes-2d directors. 





Additional work as an Assistant Director and Cast Coordinator on sets gave her exposure to the mechanics of working on set and the technical skills required by film and commercial crew.

lord-of-warJanine was privileged to work with top actors such as Nicholas Cage, Colin Farrell, Meg Ryan, Leon Schuster and William H Macey. Productions such as The Deal”, “Sinking the Lusitania”,” Scorpion King Rise of the Akkadian” ,” Mama Jack” , “The Librarian”, “Lord Of War”, “Ask the Dust” , “Free Willy” and  “Faith Like Potatoes” Working on various TV series such as the American “ER” and local series such as “Survivor” and “Boer Soek ‘n Vrou” has further enriched Janine’s experience.



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