These are internationally recognized Trinity College of London Diploma Courses in Performance Arts/ Visual arts or Musical Theatre which are divided up over the 4 year period.


Full time study (2020) – R50 000 per annum excluding vat
Vat at 15% R7500
Total R57 500

10% of the course fee on application confirmation (R5 750) including vat at 15%
The remaining course fee is payable over 12 months – first payment on start of course (R4 313 per month) including vat at 15%


1st Year
Grade 8 Theatre Arts is an introduction to the performing arts and the required level for diploma entry.
Course includes the following

2nd year
Associate Performance Diplomas are a one-unit qualification assessed by performance only. Associate Teaching Diplomas require three units.

3rd and 4th year
ATC Licentiate Level. Both teaching and performing options at licentiate level require three units.
LTCL Teaching Diplomas in Speech and Drama and Musical Theatre are recognised by Ofqual/CEA/ACCAC in Great Britain as a teaching qualification.



Voice and body work
Techniques for speaking for stage and film
Stage and film practical
Acting methods and techniques for creating a performance
Stage and film production
Creating and developing projects which includes writing, directing, producing, managing, technical departments, creative departments, camera operating, editing and marketing
Make up and costume
History and development of makeup and costume, application and design, creating original concepts
Tutorials (Performing Grade 8, ATCL and LTCL)
Practical exam classes for Trinity College of London examinations
Modern, tap, hip-hop, musical theatre exam classes for the Association of International dance teachers
Technique and methods for performance for stage and music videos completed with Trinity rock and pop examinations


History of drama and theatre
Development of literature, periods, authors, plays, playwrights, poems and poets
History of musicals
Development of musicals, landmark musicals, composers and lyricists
Stage and film performance theory
Methods and techniques for creating a performance, career management, life skills and marketing
Stage and film production theory
Development of stage and film production, land mark stage and film production insights, methods and technology. Application of Script writing, storyboarding, producing, directing, managing and departments requirements.
History of dance
Development of dance through the ages, styles, choreographers, anatomy and music
ATCL Performance Arts or Musical theatre diploma
Scheme of work, essays and original work for Trinity exams
ATCL Unit 1, 2 & 3 (Teachers) Performance Arts or Musical theatre
Scheme of work, essays and original work for exams for Trinity exams
LTCL Unit 1 , 2 & 3 (Performing OR Teachers) Performance Arts or Musical theatre
Scheme of work, essays and original work for exams for Trinity exams

Fees exclude
 Trinity drama exam entry fee
 Trinity vocal exam entry fee
 AIDT dance exam entry fee
 Additional classes over and above the ones included in curriculum
 Exam props, set, tracks, costumes, or any other expenses needed for exam preparation
 Recommended books for studies
 Outings to various stage shows or workshops recommended for study purposes
 Additional dance, vocal or drama exam entry fees


Trinity College of London and Association of International Dance Teachers – highly respected and recognized bodies both nationally and internationally. The qualification is at 2nd year University level.
Our diplomas and graded exams are recognised internationally which means our graduates will be able to work all over the world.
We are also a member of SACE keeping us up to date with the National CAPS requirements so students are able to keep abreast of teaching methods in South Africa. South African Council of Educators number (C12444059). We are currently working towards registering with SETA.

Please contact us for further information regarding fee structure and payment breakdown.

Contact jholthuysen@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Fees

  1. I passed my matric last year with admition to bachelor’s degree, this year I’m not studying , I dream of becoming an actor please help me

    1. Hello Mihali, we only have spaces left for female students. Our next intake is 2020. I hope you will still be possible interested in a career in the arts and contact us again. Best of luck!

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