Audition Requirements

Due to the level required for the Performing Arts industry we have very strict criteria regarding applicants.

Nine’ Academy is a boutique environment therefore the number of students we enroll are limited in order to ensure maximum one on one development.

Students should have achieved Grade 12 or equivalent.


Applicants will be required to audition for admittance and should prepare the following materials when applying.


Perform an excerpt of dialogue from either a play or a musical from memory. Characterization and understanding of the scene should be evident. (Plus minus two minutes).


Perform a song from a musical. Connection to character, lyric and musicality should be evident. (Plus minus two minutes).

Play back for backing tracks will be provided. (No backing vocals.)


Perform a choreographed dance piece utilizing any style (Two minutes). If the applicant is able to do more than one style these can be presented. No more than three minutes in length. Nine Academy (2)

Play back for backing tracks will be provided.


This will be given to applicants on the day of auditioning.

Please bring backing tracks either on a CD or a flash drive.


19 thoughts on “Audition Requirements

    1. Hello Lindelwa, thank you for your query. You must have a matric pass. English is very useful as a subject and any other languages. You will need to audition for a place at the academy. We require that you do a short
      song, dance and a monologue. I will be more than happy to email you a letter with answers to commonly asked questions and exactly what you need to prepare for the audition. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  1. Hello my name is Petruzka De Wee. I just wanted to know if it was possible if you audion or apply for this college, could you go for music and dance or will it be difficult to balance the two?

    1. Hello Petruzka, it is in fact the opposite. We try and encourage all our students to be rounded artists. You will be exposed to acting, singing and dancing in performance for both stage and film. Part of our education is how to manage and balance a career in the arts. We are doing interviews on Saturdays for our 2019 intake, let me know if you would like to book an appointment.

  2. Hey I am a great ballet dancer let me blow u away and I show you true talent just give a date and location I will there no matter what

    1. Hello Bevan, thank you for your comment. We are currently doing final interviews fo our 2019 diploma courses. Let us know if you would like to audition. We would love to meet someone who is as passionate as you sound.

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