About Nine’ Academy


Nine’ Academy will help you to pursue a career in Stage and film, we have the insight in order to train our students to be ready for the challenge and equip them with the tools they need to break into the industry and the stamina to maintain it.


 We know through experience that the path to success in the South African Performing Arts industry is diversity and the right tools. It is because of this we not only look at training students in performance and technical support needed for the industry, but we also look at developing young artists to create their niche, be it acting, singing, dancing or production.

 The academy focuses on giving students the skills and training to develop themselves for both stage and film. Students can achieve joy, fulfilment and the confidence by building on their natural talents and abilities; this enables students to define what part of the industry they would be interested in further exploring.


Our performance diploma is an in-depth study of all the requirements for performance in stage and in film, honing student’s abilities in singing, dancing, acting and most importantly managing a career.

Students are further exposed to the multitude of possibilities in film and theatre production, the departments and skills required. This involves the introduction to requirements of film and theatre production from visualizing, designing, writing, directing, choreographing, managing and technical support.
On completion of our courses the Academy strives to ensure that our students have a clear direction for the next step in their careers, whether it is performance, technical, production or teaching.PROMISE SHOOT 2018 (21)

• Experience lies at the core of the Academy’s success. Many years of work both in film and stage, have developed a deep understanding of what is required and how it can be achieved. This knowledge is the foundation of the syllabus developed over the past four years.

• To ensure the correct information is imparted and in line with student needs, tutors are mentored and guided by means of regular meetings and projects.

• The academy syllabus is continually updated with current techniques and developments by encouraging tutors to improve the skills and qualifications in their specific fields


• The governing bodies’ requirements are maintained by means of examinations and regular assessments that monitor each student’s development and identify areas that require attention.

• Students are exposed to a multitude of options in the foundation phase. This allows them to define their focus so that tutors and management can guide them towards the appropriate study paths.

• Our space at the academy is a creative area, allowing students the freedom to explore their options as performers, directors, teachers and technicians.

• The academy strives to create an environment where students bond quickly and form positive relationships. This encourages them to help each other and work comfortably within a group environment.

• Our syllabus is designed to improve life skills, instill positive behavior and develop confidence as young leaders in South Africa.

• We pride ourselves on the high standard of our productions and work outcomes.

PROMISE SHOOT 2018 (32)The academy is a creative space where students are exposed to the multitude of possibilities in film and theatre production. Students are introduced and schooled in the various departments and skills required to produce and perform for film and theatre productions.

This involves the introduction to the requirements of technical support in Film and theatre production up to creating and developing a performance. The academy focuses on giving artists the skills and training required to develop and maintain a career in the arts whatever field they choose, be it in front of the camera or behind.

COSTUME WORKSHOP 2018 (12)At the Academy young minds are given the opportunity to explore their creative sides and become confident and enriched by the arts. They will be exposed to the history and background contributing to the development of stage and film, current film and stage technique and they will be given the opportunity to do practical presentations and meet professionals in the industry.

GALA PREP (2).JPGMY CLASS 2013 INA.JPGThe Academy of Film, Theatre and Dance is how you can achieve joy, fulfillment and confidence by building on your talent and abilities, it will also enable young students to define what part of the industry they would be interested further exploring. Whether you are interested in a career in the arts or developing creatively the Academy has something to offer everyone.
With the RIGHT TRAINING there IS a career in the arts.
Newspaper Article
South Africa is increasingly catching the attention of International filmmakers as one of the world’s preferred destinations to tell their stories, while South Africans are also starting to tell more of the country’s own tales.
The South African entertainment industry generates about R12-billion a year and is set to double over the next number of years.
Growth is attributed to the beautiful locations and highly skilled and hard working film crews.
A recent article in the Hollywood Reporter noted that South Africa was set for “an increasingly brilliant film and TV future”.


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