2020 Diploma course for Stage and Film

Study for a career in the Performing and Visual Arts industry

We have the experience to get you there.


• We train our students in both film and stage, which widens their job opportunities. Our main focus is training students who will contribute to the stage and film industry. This is a priority as it brings in a large portion of economic funding to the Western Cape.

• We guarantee one-on-one interaction with all our students. Our focus is completely on the individual, developing natural talent and ensuring the relevant skills and professional standards are acquired. Most importantly, we guide our students in the direction that is right for them – be it performance, technical skills and/or teaching. In our Academy, one size does not fit all

• Our diplomas are internationally recognized, which means our graduate students can apply for work nationally and internationally. Of interest is that currently our national job search, Jobrapido, shows an average of two jobs a day being advertised for drama positions all over South Africa.

• Our Academy offers the same level of internationally recognized diploma as institutions in Cape Town. What gives us the edge is that we are applying what we have learnt from working in the industry and are training students to be able to cope with its nature and demands. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on training our students to create work and therefore become more self-sustaining.

• Our students learn not only how to work in the industry, but are also given the tools to be creative and the confidence to become industry leaders.

• To date we have a 100% pass rate, of which the majority are distinctions.

• Past graduates are working in the industry either as performers or teachers.

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