Holiday Workshops

The Niné  Academy Film, Theatre and Dance will be presenting exciting holiday theatre workshops during  the December holidays so – if you need a creative and fun activity for the kids to do – look no further!
The holiday workshops include a bunch of stuff!

–   A full week of interactive fun, singing, dancing, acting and creativity in a production that will be performed on the last day to friends and family.

–   A fantastic opportunity for children to make new friends and learn new skills as well
    as gaining an enormous sense of achievement.
Who can take part?

–   We run separate weeks for children from 4 – 6 yrs and 6-18 yrs.
–   Times 10am – 1pm
–   No previous experience necessary – all you need is sense of adventure!

How do I book?

–   To enrol your child, please email your details and we will send you the booking
form to fill in and send back with payment.
–   We will send you details of the venue, timetable and any information you require
There is limited space so book early to avoid  disappointment.


–   5 day Workshops for 4-6 yrs
–   5 day Workshops for 6-18yrs
–   2 day Mini- Workshop All ages

Please contact us for further information.

Niné Academy Film, Theatre and Dance
C: 083 9775803

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