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Our Academy offers internationally recognized performance, technical and teachers diplomas in film and stage.

The Nine’ Academy of film, stage and dance was established in 2016. The Academy offers a four year, internationally recognised, Trinity College of London Diploma in either performing arts (film and stage) or musical theatre. Matric level qualifications and auditions are required for entry. The diploma courses comprise training in all aspects of the professional industry, including film and stage performance, film and stage production and teaching qualifications.
Students attend our academy full time to study singing, dancing, writing, directing, producing, industry business and teaching. Also included are the support skills such as management, coordination, camera, lighting and sound, make-up, set building, props and choreography.

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In addition, students are introduced to the historical development of the visual arts and the styles, methods and resources which can aid them become fully rounded artists successful in the careers they choose.

To achieve success, academy training standards must be maintained at the highest level, and to this end, assessments and exams are regularly conducted by external national and international examiners.

The goal of our curriculum is to ensure our students graduate, are able to develop and sustain their careers and further promote the arts. Unlike large colleges, the academy environment allows every individual to receive the personal attention and guidance needed.

Gain an internationally recognized qualification and the tools you will need for a career in the arts be it in performing, behind the scenes or in teaching.

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Our courses cover all aspects of theatre, film and dance. If you are looking for top notch training in performance and production or feel the calling to become a teacher we have the course to equip you.

We are a recognized educator with Trinity College of London, have Associates of International dance teachers and are registered with the South African Council of Educators.


We focus on practical and theoretical training in stage shows, music videos, short films and teaching. Our limited intake guarantees our full attention to individual needs. Under the experienced tutelage of our talented team, you will be equipped with the skills and insights needed to launch your career and maintain it.


Further introductory to internship opportunities are available for students who meet the criteria in their fourth year.


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