Study with people who are in the industry

Our Academy offers internationally recognized performance, technical and teachers diplomas in film and stage.

The Nine’ Academy of film, stage and dance was established in 2016. The Academy offers a four year, internationally recognised, Trinity College of London Diploma in either performing arts (film and stage) or musical theatre. Matric level qualifications and auditions are required for entry. The diploma courses comprise training in all aspects of the professional industry, including film and stage performance, film and stage production and teaching qualifications.
Students attend our academy full time to study singing, dancing, writing, directing, producing, industry business and teaching. Also included are the support skills such as management, coordination, camera, lighting and sound, make-up, set building, props and choreography.

camera event live settings
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In addition, students are introduced to the historical development of the visual arts and the styles, methods and resources which can aid them become fully rounded artists successful in the careers they choose.

To achieve success, academy training standards must be maintained at the highest level, and to this end, assessments and exams are regularly conducted by external national and international examiners.

The goal of our curriculum is to ensure our students graduate, are able to develop and sustain their careers and further promote the arts. Unlike large colleges, the academy environment allows every individual to receive the personal attention and guidance needed.

Gain an internationally recognized qualification and the tools you will need for a career in the arts be it in performing, behind the scenes or in teaching.

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Our courses cover all aspects of theatre, film and dance. If you are looking for top notch training in performance and production or feel the calling to become a teacher we have the course to equip you.

We are a recognized educator with Trinity College of London, have Associates of International dance teachers and are registered with the South African Council of Educators.


We focus on practical and theoretical training in stage shows, music videos, short films and teaching. Our limited intake guarantees our full attention to individual needs. Under the experienced tutelage of our talented team, you will be equipped with the skills and insights needed to launch your career and maintain it.


Further introductory to internship opportunities are available for students who meet the criteria in their fourth year.


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  1. Hi there im lee andra and i was so pleased to hear about you…i wanted to say that i want to take part in the college i want to dance all my life thank you.

      1. Hi. I very much would like to audition for singing on the 6th. I would like to know how do I go about doing that? Thank you.

        1. Hello. You can come between 2pm & 5pm prepared a monologue, song & dance. We are located in Somerset West. Call us on 0839775803 for directions. Looking forward to meeting you.

      2. Just like many of these girls in the comments I am interested in becoming an actress and will do the work in order achieve my goal,since I am late for auditions I wanted to know when next years auditions will take place and what the audition intels

        1. Hello Kaylah, we still have place for four more female students for this 2018. If you would like to apply we need to do it fairly quickly. Do you have matric and which area are you staying in?

        2. Hello Kaylah, we still have space for four female students for this years intake. We need to audition fairly quickly. Let me know the soonest date that you can come audition.

  2. I have done many auditions & shortlistings but cant seem to get the job!

    I would like to further my career as an actress

    Where are you based & what are the cost.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    1. Hello. Thanks for the query, having been a casting director for a number of years for film and commercials, I have seen the mistakes artists make in the ever important casting process. These are often overlooked and can cost you the job. Part of our training is preparing for castings and getting the job. Our academy is based in the Helderberg area, Western Cape. Our costs are R42000 ex vat per year. You will need to audition, if you are accepted you be required to pay a 10% deposit to secure your place and thereafter it is broken down into 12 monthly payments.

    1. Good day
      Im interested in acting for Films
      I have been featured in a few Commercials & haf many Shortlistings/Call backs, but i just don’t seem to get the job.

      1. We do recommend that you do our performance for stage and film diploma course. Part of the process is understanding your own performance techniques and how you can improve your ability to get the work. We are holding auditions again for next year on the 6th January 2018. Let me know if you would like to attend.

  3. Hi I’m Leheine. Can you just come for the audition on that day or should you first fill in forms and make a payment?


  4. Iam young and I wish to be an actress in my life I’m only 17 years and I am doing my matric I need help to get through to this career please

    1. Hello Kaylynn, keep an eye open on our website you can also go to our facebook page. We will post any workshops or classes that are taking place at the academy in the term and in holidays. We would love to have you here.

  5. My name is Zandile Dyakala I can sing and I have a passion for drama, I really think that your Academy will change my life for the better but most importantly it will make me a great performer .

    1. Hello Zandile, that’s great to hear, passion is 90% of the way, we are holding auditions on the 6th of January for our 2018 diploma courses. Would you like to audition?

    1. we only have spaces left for female students. Our next intake is 2020. I hope you will still be possible interested in a career in the arts and contact us again. Best of luck!

    1. Hello Siphosethu, the course is a four year internationational recognised diploma course. It is R42000 ex vat per year. You will need to audition in order to enrol. We do not offer bursaries as we are a small private institution.

  6. Hello .. I am an eighteen year old girl and I didn’t take drama classes at school, so I would like to know if there’s a chance/possibility of me being accepted to do drama because I would really love to be an actress.

    1. Hello Sibulele, it all comes down to talent. We usually audition our candidates to join the academy. If you would be interested in making an appointment to audition please let us know soonest as we are doing our last intake for 2018.

  7. hi, I love and have a great passion for acting and want to follow my dreams. But i cant sing nor dance ( i would love to learn modern dancing but haven’t done it before. Is this a red flag for me to go into this industry. Or can i still apply with only my acting skills?

    1. You can major in what is your strength be it drama. We also do encourage and expand on the other skills such as singing and dancing as well as production work such as writing, directing etc.

        1. Hello Athenkosi,

          Thank you for the comment. We will be holding auditions for our 2019 intake from the 1st of September if you would like to come and audition for our internationally recognized diploma courses.

  8. Hi I’m Rushni van rensburg I started dancing on primary school up until the end of high school I would like to take part at your college to become more better at what I do as a dancer.

    1. Hello we only have spaces left for female students. Our next intake is 2020. I hope you will still be possible interested in a career in the arts and contact us again. Best of luck!

  9. Hey my name is sylveno I would like to study acting I have matric,but my dream is to become an actor I have been in many plays for talent shows and at school. I would love spread my wings and join the creative world.

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